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Reality Alternatives is an immersive, deeply thoughtful science fiction adventure. ...The story doesn't let up and the twists and turns are relentless as the story races to the climax. The ending is surprising and satisfying at the same time. I couldn't put it down, and I've found that I keep thinking about it long after I finished it. I highly recommend this novel.--Author Bonnie Ramthun

                   multiple earths

         Reality Alternatives

      What would you do if you found your perfect life?

When lonely physicist Chloe Carsen discovers a parallel world she becomes addicted to her life there with a perfect family and a perfect career. She doesn't even care that her physical body in the real world is wasting away. But, then, in the alternative world her ideal life begins to fall apart. Her anti-gravity experiment unleashes a government manhunt for her and her family; they'll do anything to get their hands on her tech. The lives of Chloe's alternative-world husband and sons are endangered.

Chloe is torn away from them as her real-world brother finds her on the verge of death and destroys her equipment. Heartbroken and torn between two worlds, Chloe pushes her scientific expertise to the limit to find a way to reconcile her two lives. Can the husband and sons be saved? Can she build a life for herself in the real world?

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