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  luck cover

    New 2017!

   Novel: Conservation of Luck

    May 31, 2017 issue of Electric Spec out!

     Lesley featured at Fiction University Put the Science in Your Science Fiction May 2017.


  pic of quantum cinco de mayo   New Story: Quantum Cinco de Mayo now available!


      Lesley featured in fitsmallbusiness.com article 39 Book Marketing Ideas from the Pros April 2017.

  jack cover

    New 2017!

   Novel: A Jack By Any Other Name

   The Space Operetta Series: Book 1.

  pic of Kat   New Story: A New Esperanza now available!

    February 28, 2017 issue of Electric Spec out!

    pic of Chloe   New Story: Valentine's Alternatives now available!

    pic of Kairi   New Story: Temporal Romance available.

     New post: Girl Cooties Science Fiction for Women by Women: Let It Shine Jan 2017

     New article: Santa's STEM Dec 2016


   pic of Madison Martin   New Story: Quantum Christmas available.

     New article: The Science of Thanksgiving Nov 2016

     November 30, 2016 issue of Electric Spec out!

     New article: It's a STEM, STEM World

     New article: 5 Ways to get More Women in STEM

     New article: How to Get Young Girls Interested in STEM Fields

      Lesley appeared at MileHi Con October 2016 on "Hard Climate Data","Best Work to Seduce Someone into Fandom", "Is Scientific/Technological Progress Accelerating or Stagnating?", and "The Marching Morons: Are Americans Becoming More Scientifically Illiterate?" Panels.

      Sept 10,2016 issue of Electric Spec out!

      Quantum Cop Blog Tour! Interview at The Hollywood Times, Review by Mallory Heart Recommends, Guest post at Loris Reading Corner, Review at Big Reader Site, Interview at A Drip of Truth, Review at Addicted to Reviews.

    July 2016: Lesley featured on the RMFW blog.

    pic of Madison Martin   Quantum Cop now available!

    pic of Kairi and Kyle   Temporal Dreams now available!

    pic of Chloe   Reality Alternatives now available!

    pic of Madison with corpse   Quantum Murder now available!

    three kats   Kat Cubed now available!

     May 31,2016 issue of Electric Spec out!

     Story "A Study in Scarlet" published in www.electricspec.com, November 30, 2015.

      Story "Bologna and Vanilla", published in Daily Science Fiction, December 29, 2014.

      Story "Hope" in published in Forging Freedom: Dimensions, November 26, 2014.

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