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                      conservation of luck cover

         New 2017!

      Featured Novel: Conservation of Luck


For every good fortune, there's an equal and opposite misfortune.

As a brilliant young computer scientist working on her master's degree, Ella Hote doesn't believe in luck. But when bizarre accidents, insane coincidences, and weird encounters with improbably handsome strangers start to happen all around her, even hardheaded Ella has to change her mind.

She comes to realize she's inadvertently created a luck generating computer that can make even the longest of long shots pay off.

Unfortunately, for every stroke of good luck, someone else pays the price in bad luck.

Ultimately, when lives are on the line, how far will she go?

                      jack cover

         New 2017!

      Featured Novel: A Jack By Any Other Name

           The Space Operetta Series: Book 1.

When interstellar singer spy Jack Jones has to solve his own murder on The Shakespeare things do not go smoothly.

First his clone body loses thirty years of memories, and then it starts experiencing strange urges and abilities. As he investigates he discovers brigands, space pirates and a secret faster-than-light drive, which could push the galaxy into war.

He would sing a song, solve the mystery, and save he day--if only he could remember how.

                      earth with wave

                  Temporal Dreams


In Colorado in the near future, twenty-one-year-old former foster-kid Kairi Johnson's dream is to start a family of her own. So when her boyfriend proposes on spring break, she thinks she has it made--until she wakes up alone in the middle of nowhere. When she hitchhikes home she realizes she's trapped twenty years in her past. Kairi discovers she can time-travel and attempts to use her power to get back home.

But time-travel isn't as simple as it first appears. Each successive time trip results in more and more people getting hurt: she loses her fiance and her best friend and discovers she's the reason for her parents' deaths. All seems lost until she meets a fascinating stranger, Kyle.

In Sydney, Australia in the near future, twenty-five-year-old Kyle Barada is heir to his clan's Time-Travel business. When his dad dies under suspicious circumstances, Kyle becomes The Traveler and does his duty for their corporate clients. But when he vows to find out what really happened to his father, Kyle rebels against the regulations of his clan's Traveling legacy and discovers a mysterious relative's been working against him. When Kyle's replaced by this usurper, all seems lost until he tracks down clan member, Kairi.

Can Kairi and Kyle time-travel together to save everyone they love?


                  The Quantum Cop

                  The Quantum Cop Series: Book 1.

When physics professor Madison Martin is smashed by a car, her quantum expertise and survival instinct combine to cause a paradigm shift enabling her to rewrite reality and save her life. She's freaked about what happened but, luckily, the hot physicist from the office next door volunteers to help her do experiments to decipher what the hell just happened. And as their chemistry sizzles she's ready for some experiments of a more biological nature.

Unbeknownst to Madison her smartest student, Luke Bacalli, witnesses the bizarro accident and learns how to control reality, too. Luke and his buddies go on a quantum crime spree starting with never-ending beer, sorority girls losing their shirts, and progressing to bank robbery and worse.

Having inadvertently created this menace, it's Madison's responsibility to stop it. She steps up and kicks ass, becoming the world's first quantum cop. Unfortunately, when she confronts Luke, he's much more powerful than she expects. Everything seems lost during their final quantum battle when the nature of reality is endangered as fundamental forces like electromagnetism and gravity start changing.

Can Madison overcome the odds, thwart her evil student and save reality itself?

                      multiple earths

                  Reality Alternatives

When lonely physicist Chloe Carsen discovers a parallel world she becomes addicted to her life there with a perfect family and a perfect career. She doesn't even care that her physical body in the real world is wasting away. But, then, in the alternative world her ideal life begins to fall apart. Her anti-gravity experiment unleashes a government manhunt for her and her family; they'll do anything to get their hands on her tech. The lives of Chloe's alternative-world husband and sons are endangered.

Chloe is torn away from them as her real-world brother finds her on the verge of death and destroys her equipment. Heartbroken and torn between two worlds, Chloe pushes her scientific expertise to the limit to find a way to reconcile her two lives. Can the husband and sons be saved? Can she build a life for herself in the real world?


                  Quantum Murder

                The Quantum Cop Series: Book 2.

When someone's murdered, seemingly via the reality-altering technique she invented, physicist Madison Martin knows it's her responsibility to bring the killer to justice. Things get immeasurably worse when she's blamed for the quantum murder.

Out on bail, Madison resumes her role as the quantum cop to help the local cops and the FBI investigate everything from quantum panty raids to impossible heists and increasingly bizarre murders. As the q-crimes increase, she worries that reality itself is a goner.

When Madison's nearly obliterated in a quantum duel she finally realizes she can't handle this by herself. But now she's got another problem: does her overworked task force include the very criminal she's trying to catch? And if so, can she take him or her down before it's too late?

                      tokamak with multiple earths

                 Kat Cubed

In Kat Garcia's twenty-second century world only the Rocky Mountains are above sealevel, and the sun is hot enough to kill anyone who ventures outdoors. Kat goes through a portal seeking bullets to arm herself and keep her friends safe from the decayed remnants of the government.

In Kaitlin Garcia's world, the Unified States is constantly bombarded by severe storms. Kaitlin goes through a portal in order to implement her climate mitigation strategy before her world is rendered uninhabitable.

In Katherine Garcia's world, only draconian government control over the citizens has kept the droughts, floods, and diseases from killing them. Katherine goes through a portal seeking nuclear fusion, the key to throwing off the oppressive governmental yoke.

When the actions of the three Kats start to unravel their universes, can they join forces and save them all?

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