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                      Quantum Cop Book 1 in the Quantum Cop Series.


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         Quantum Murder

The Quantum Cop Series: Book 2.

When someone's murdered, seemingly via the reality-altering technique she invented, physicist Madison Martin knows it's her responsibility to bring the killer to justice. Things get immeasurably worse when she's blamed for the quantum murder.

Out on bail, Madison resumes her role as the quantum cop to help the local cops and the FBI investigate everything from quantum panty raids to impossible heists and increasingly bizarre murders. As the q-crimes increase, she worries that reality itself is a goner.

When Madison's nearly obliterated in a quantum duel she finally realizes she can't handle this by herself. But now she's got another problem: does her overworked task force include the very criminal she's trying to catch? And if so, can she take him or her down before it's too late?


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