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Volume 3, Issue 2, June 30, 2008
poet's corner
Editor's Corner:
The Quantum Mechanic, er, Psychic
by Lesley L. Smith

       My hands shook as I tried to unlock the door of my new storefront. I got distracted by the beautiful sign I'd painted on the front window: 'The Quantum Mechanic'.
       "Earth to Anna," Marco said. "Are you unlocking the front door or what? I need to get to work."
       I turned to him and smiled. "I'm so excited. This is gonna' be so great--my own business. It's gonna' be totally successful!" It had better be totally successful because I'd been unemployed since I'd lost my job at the university.
       Marco smiled back at me. "I hope you're right." He waved his coffee-holding hand in the air. "Now, are you going to take this cup of 'good luck coffee' I brought you?"
       "Definitely. You know I love the coffee." I plucked a cup out of his hand. "And I'm sure it'll be fortuitous, too." I took a sip. It was just the right temperature to showcase its hearty roasty body. Over the top of the cup, my eyes scanned Marco, he had a roasting-hot body and a lot of heart, too. I grinned.
       "What?" he asked. "What's that look?"
       I figured Marco might not like being compared to a cup of coffee--again. "Uh, just thanks a lot for the coffee. I'll see you after work?"
        After a quick kiss, he was off.
       I went inside and got all settled at my desk. I checked my email (there wasn't any). I drank my coffee. I checked my ad in the paper (it was fine). I checked the headlines (there were a bunch, but not any potential cases that I could see). I twiddled my thumbs. Being a quantum mechanic was pretty boring. I didn't understand; where were all the customers? I checked to see if the phone had a dial tone (it did). The morning dragged by with no customers to be found.
       I was awakened by a man opening the door. A customer! Quickly, I jumped up out of my chair. "Hello, sir. Welcome! How can I help you? What can I do for you?"

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